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Checklist of European molluscs

List of European freshwater molluscs (Gastropoda & Bivalvia) with their nomenclatural author(s) and year of publication.

This list based on, Glöer (2002): Die Süßwassergastropoden Nord- und Mitteleuropas,, and
Subspecies (as given by Fauna Europaea and Glöer) are not registered as well as Families within the Superfamily Rissooidea (except Bithyniidae).


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# Article Title
1 Family Neritidae
2 Family Viviparidae
3 Family Thiaridae
4 Family Melanopsidae
5 Family Bithyniidae
6 Family Valvatidae
7 Family Acroloxidae
8 Family Lymnaeidae
9 Family Physidae
10 Family Planorbidae
11 Family Ellobiidae
12 Family Corbiculidae
13 Family Sphaeriidae
14 Family Dreissenidae
15 Family Margaritiferidae
16 Family Unionidae