After a long long time without news I thought it would be worth listing what we have achieved with the support of the FREDIE team:

Geiger, M.F., C. Schreiner, G. B. Delmastro, F. Herder. Combining geometric morphometrics with molecular genetics to investigate a putative hybrid complex - a case study with barbels (Teleostei: Cyprinidae: Barbus spp.) Journal of Fish Biology (accepted).

G.P.J. Denys, M. F. Geiger, H. Persat, P. Keith, A. Dettai. - Invalidity of Gasterosteus gymnurus (Cuvier, 1829) (Actinopterygii, Gasterosteidae) according to integrative taxonomy. Cybium, in press.

Esmaeili, H. R., Pirvar, Z., Ebrahimi, M., M. F. Geiger. Karyological and molecular analysis of three endemic loaches (Actinopterygii: Cobitoidea) from Kor River basin, Iran. Molecular Biology Research Communications 2015;4(1):1-13 (2015).

N.A. Hamidan, M.F. Geiger, J.Freyhof. Garra jordanica, a new species from the Dead Sea basin with remarks on the relationship of G. ghorensis, G. tibanica and G. rufa (Teleostei: Cyprinidae). Ichthyol. Explor. Freshwaters 25(3), 223-236 (2014).

S.J. Pfleiderer, M.F. Geiger, F. Herder. Aphanius marassantensis, a new killifish from the Kızılırmak drainage in northern Anatolia (Cyprinodontiformes: Cyprinodontidae). Zootaxa 3887 (5): 569-582.

T. Knebelsberger, A.R. Dunz, D. Neumann, M.F. Geiger. Molecular Diversity of Germany’s Freshwater Fishes and Lampreys assessed by DNA barcoding. Mol. Ecol. Res. online in advance of print doi: 10.1111/1755-0998.12322 (2014).

J. Freyhof, H.R. Esmaeili, G. Sayyadzadeh, and M.F. Geiger. Review of the crested loaches of the genus Paracobitis from Iran and Iraq with the description of four new species Teleostei: Nemacheilidae). Ichthyol. Explor. Freshwaters 25(1), 11-38 (2014).

Geiger, M.F., F. Herder, M. Monaghan, V. Almanda, R. Barbieri, M. Bariche, P. Berrebi, J. Bohlen, M. Casal-Lopez, G. Delmastro, G. Denys, A. Dettai, J.I. Doadrio, E. Kalogianni, H. Kärst, M. Kottelat, M. Kovacic, M. Laporte, M. Lorenzoni, Z. Marčić, M. Özulug, A. Perdices, S. Perea, H. Persat, S. Porcelotti, C. Puzzi, J. Robalo, R. Sanda, M. Schneider, V. Slechtova, M. Stoumboudi, S. Walter, J. Freyhof. Spatial Heterogeneity in the Mediterranean Biodiversity Hotspot affects Barcoding accuracy in Freshwater Fishes. Mol. Ecol. Res, (2014; doi: 10.1111/1755-0998.12257).

H.R. Esmaeili, G. Sayyadzadeh, M. Özuluğ, M.F. Geiger, J. Freyhof. Three new species of Turcinoemacheilus from Iran and Turkey (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae). Ichthyol. Explor. Freshwaters 24(3), 257-273 (2014).

J. Freyhof, H. Kärst, M.F. Geiger. Valencia robertae, a new killifish from southern Greece (Cyprinodontiformes: Valenciidae). Ichthyol. Explor. Freshwaters 24(4), 289-298 (2014).


Thanks to all the colleagues who have contributed and apologies to all those who are still waiting for some manuscripts to be finished...I am on it.


In June 2012 the FISHBOL community met in Yeosu, Korea in the beautiful setting of the Expo exhibition.


Matthias Geiger presented the project to the international audience and discussed with Robert Hanner and Robert Ward how to proceed.


September 2012. Katharina Kurzrock and Matthias Geiger headed towards the South with the MfN minibus to reach the headwaters of the Soca River in Slovenia to collect mollusk and mayfly samples for the FREDIE project.

Afterwards they also visited Hungary and met with Zoltan Feher to discuss about the cooperation.


Quite luxurious what the Berlin museum offers as a field car!


Kick-sampling in the Soca River, although there are no mollusks here, we could not resist collecting some mayflies in these beautiful surroundings.


Guess what we found in the Balaton?


July 2012. Katharina Kurzrock and Matthias Geiger drove the ZFMK minibus through Germany’s North to reach Denmark, Sweden and finally Norway to collect mollusk and mayfly samples for the FREDIE project.


Lake Västra Ringsjön near Stanstorp in Sweden is a mollusc-paradise.


In Sweden we also visited the Linnean type locations around Uppsala where he had his summer domicile.


Still lucky with the weather conditions we could also collect some interesting mayflies from Norway around the skiing area of Gol.


This swampy pond next to the Furesø Lake near Farum in Denmark is another type locality we visited to collect molluscs.


In August 2012, Katharina Kurzrock, Simon Walter and Sebastian Huellen left the museum to collect some fresh material from France for their labs. Henri Persat kindly provided some help and hints for good spots within the Rhone drainage.


Henri with Simon discussing what they found in the Rhone river.


High mollusk densities make collecting easy.


From September 17 - 20 2012 the European Barcoding community met in Brussels to discuss the future direction and to make contacts between different projects.




Thanks to a perfect organization and many interesting projects the conference was a great success and we could get into contact with a number of potential FREDIE partners.


In October 2012 we conducted our last big adventure, a two weeks trip through Romania to collect fishes and mollusks with our colleague Ion from the DDNI.


From Berlin it was only 2000 km to go...


After 2.5 days of driving we finally arrived at the DDNI field station near Babadag and immediately started to collect in the nearby Razim Lake with Ion and his colleagues.


Beach-seining with a 200 m net - only possible with the help of a few strong guys.


Of course all the vouchered individuals were documented with live coloration.


Searching for Benthophilus nudus among the hundreds of gobies at this place in the Danube River.


At the end of the trip we had filled quite a number of barrels & boxes with fishes and Katharina collected a nice set of the Danubian mollusk fauna.


In May 2012 we introduced the project to the audience of the congress on ecology & conservation of freshwater fishes in Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal and made some important contacts.

Matthias Geiger introducing the project to the audience …


... while Katharina collected some molluscs in the Minho River


And finally we even found a place with some Theodoxus


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FREDIE has been introduced to the Barcoding community in a special issue focusing on European projects
of the quarterly on-line newsletter of the International Barcode of Life project (iBOL).

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Sep 2011. After Lithuania, Katharina Kurzrock, Sereina Rutschmann and Matthias Geiger travelled through Latvia to collect more material from the Baltic region, here mainly from Gauja and Daugava drainages.

Katharina in the swamps near Liepaja.